Best Comicbox app Alternatives

Every one like to read comics and most of us want in our leisure time. Most popular comic and their primary attribute spread in great extent that creates awareness.  There are large number of original comics that don’t  even with well featured or characteristics which create an impact on readers minds and gives reader memorable in some extent.

So here we give you some best alternatives of comic books that can blow your mind and create number of ideas. So below are essential comicbox alternatives for comic book followers-


 Ice-cream EBook

It is the best collection for the comic reader. The apps also comes with some useful attributes that facilitate you superior and setting your library of comic books.

It includes single and double page support full screen reading and Zoom page navigation continue from where you abandoned and many more.

It carries all the formats which should be fair enough to enables you to read usual comics books file formats (CBR and CBZ, FB2 and other too.) You can also download comicbox app for pc mac.

  • You can also put some notes or make a focal point if you like certain pages and like to read it later on. Bookmarks are also there to support.
  • If you are the fond of reading comic book and the language you speak is not available then you use the copy and translate and search the options to select the text and copy it and translate it or search Google.

These tools give assistance to night mode as well and which is best you to read in lower light as well.

Comic Rack

Comic Racks website posses the program me best comic reader in the world”. Comic Rack is definitely best application and for opening digital comics with. It has a full screen mode with numerous zoom modes, database management options, huge collection of formats with customizable hotkeys and many more.    

This is a freeware you can put on your iOS and android platforms from the website page.

  • It has the most popular and best comic readers and it assist a variety of formats such as CBZ, PDF, CBR, RAR, TAR etc.  As long you can open a tons of comic within the application that most alternatives and Comic Rack helps ZIP and RAR you don’t need to unzip comic book files.
  • It batch conversion possibilities is also great addition that able users to archive a huge number collection of comics in CBZ and CBT file then export them to other devices.

Comic Rack also has an innate no. of Tab UI .So this enables it to open variety of comics in same windows as well. Comic Rack’s UI that able to modify to suit a particular individual and includes advanced navigation options such as integrated Explorer window and it’s simple to segregate comic collection with the robust library.


M commix is the especial commix image viewer .The Mcomix Comic book user has received much better latest updates. This is open – source software compatible with both windows and Linux.

  • The developers has built this Mcomix to open both western and manga comics in different ways to archive the formats such as CBZ, CBR and CBT.
  • It has assist JPEG, PNG and GIF image file formats. One huge thing about this application is its innate UI layout that appears on Comic page thumbnails executing the left of the window with large pane on the right that includes current page.
  • Users can set up for their particular purpose the UI by removing toolbars ,adjusting thumbnails scales ,selecting background colors and selecting UI parts to add full-screen mode. Mcomix also gives users various comic views such as double page, fit images to screen or manual zoom modes are also there.

It fascinating tools to focus the pictures with, bookmark support and modify slideshows are some of the huge things Comics added within it.

Comic Seer

It s a compatible application and you will get it freely for your windows and Linux that has an effective UI design and affordably extensive alternatives.  There is a windows app version where you can also add it to your tablets. With this application readers can open CBZ and CBR and RAR graphical novel File support .This program has a very parallel UI that cope up a tab scrolling panel with which you can open with other windows.

  • The main viewer includes handy rotate, Zoom double or single page appear and Browse mode options .Comic seer also includes a library management panel for you to modify and arrange comic book databases with .        
  • The Program also automatically saves and restores the comics if you don’t close their files much the same as chrome reloads the old browsing session tabs.                                                               


Hope you got all alternative in respect with your comic book.  This above comic book alternative will gives you better streaming and good experience any queries reloaded to this please write us on comment section.

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