Comic Box app for Mac

Comic Box app is one of the most amazing Apps which coming in both CBR and CBZ format comic files on your Mac devices.  So instead of Trying to copying your comic to the iPad comic Box so we are making to read directly from Your PC or Mac devices. The best and so simple to install and you can collect ample of comics from Comic Box app in lesser time. The best thing is you can download it to your iPad and which makes you able to read offline as well.

To download and execute for free of cost and server software this amazing comic box app you need to install in both PC and Mac. You can also use it for free trail software application from the Recreation subcategory. Now it’s easily available in English the update was 2012-08-21 .This app can be installed on iOS also. It has version of 1.2.0 and size around 14.37 MB and you can easily installed it from any other website. To download this programme 293 times.

So you can verify your authenticated website before you download it to check for your safety. This is our best suggestion so that you scan the downloaded app with antivirus also.

Comic Box is an App that let your help to read in both CBR and CBZ format files on your iPad-wirelessly.

Comicbox apk is one of the funniest applications and gives a real life comic with your own photos and images as well. You can easily cop up with this beautiful application and in fact you will enhance your mood it very funny and more likely playing with your images onto the interface and organize in them in such manner that you can easily drag over speech bubbles and you can out your own words as well.
IT offers ample of shapes and forms and lettering with font and tending to remind one of the best cartoons and comics as well. Apart from that you can customized from the style features tab which you can able to get in right side.

You get the filter option as well as a give a good ambience to your photos like turning them into a scene from Sin City. It has an ample of templates and theme that can start off with .downloading picture into comic Box app is so simple and you will only need to drag and drop theme from your PC or take it straight from the pre-view pane in the apk. Even you can use your webcam or DV camera to take snaps and post them immediately into your comic strip.

This is purchasing app, but you can easily download it free of cost in your Mac.

The features of this intuitive comic box app is great way to have make some jokes with your own snaps and which highly recommended for you.


If your file is not completed yet for instance the desktop was switch off while doing save, Comic Box app will help in appear of warning message saving and move the original file when you have successfully completed the new one compatibility when opening up comic box app files created on a Mac.

The camera setting used in capture tab can now be changed when you click double on the video view and a ‘Video source ‘of dialog box will appear if supported in well manner.

This explorer view helps in getting your reminds the last folder viewed only on images files are now appear in the explorer fixed redraw issues when using undo improved firmness which has been caused due to resizing and while moving on an image out of a compatibility .


Hope this article helps you a lot to guide best in comic Box app for Mac. This comic box app is quiet easy to install and the good features has been mentioned and how to use it. Any queries please let us know and write on comment section below.

Thank you.

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